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Effective CCTV monitoring systems in Chichester and West Sussex for Industry, Office, and Home

TVC Visual are specialists in the latest CCTV security systems for home, office, commercial and industrial environments. Our clients include Stagecoach bus, Shoreham Port Authority, and Chichester Festival Theatre.

For over 25 years, our state-of-the-art CCTV solutions have protected homes and business in the Chichester area and throughout the South of England.

Our security camera systems are not only flexible but also future-proof, designed to expand as needed. They provide comprehensive control, extended recording time and increased coverage, significantly enhancing your building's security measures.

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CCTV benefits

CCTV Cameras are a proven deterrent against crime, vandalism, unwanted visitors, and staff problems. Millions of businesses have the benefit of professional up-to-date CCTV systems. Statistics point to major reductions in crime where cameras are installed and CCTV is seen by many as the best deterrent. Properly installed and maintained CCTV systems can reduce crime significantly in almost all cases.

According to a 2015 study carried out by the College of Policing, drug-related crimes decreased by 20% (six studies) and vehicle and property crime decreased by 14% (23 studies and 22 studies respectively) in places that had CCTV compared to those that did not.

Remember, CCTV is not just to record criminal activity, it can also be used to record details of specific areas of your business for the protection of personnel, transport movements and for Health and Safety.

Our CCTV features

Current, up-to-date CCTV systems bring a number of advantages over previous technology commonly used in the industry, namely:-

High Definition Recording

Gone are the days of the troublesome and low-resolution CCTV images. Digital Video Recorders allow weeks of extremely high definition HD 1080p full-colour recording and offer instant playback.

Live Remote Viewing

CCTV recordings can be viewed or monitored over any internet connection. Live images or recordings from the system can be viewed from any location, including viewing on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.

Facial / Numberplate Recognition

Recent advances in facial and numberplate recognition technology have made CCTV adjusted to record this type of detail a very effective and reliable security tool and invaluable for police evidence, door entry control systems and car parks.

Multi Camera Systems

We can install as many as 32 cameras in one CCTV system, including PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Cameras, allowing comprehensive coverage of very large Construction Sites, Office Buildings, Factories, Freight Terminals and Bus Stations.

Autonomous CCTV Surveillance Towers

Our autonomous, CO2 neutral solar-powered CCTV monitoring towers are the perfect choice for securing large isolated areas like campsites, airfields, large events, and car parks etc - without any need for access to the power grid. Our Mobile CCTV Towers are available for hire and for purchase, click here to learn more.

CCTV Solutions For Every Sector

We provide CCTV solutions to a wide range of sectors from residential to retail to heavy industry. Learn more about the sectors we serve or contact a member of our team today to see how we can help you with your CCTV needs.

Our CCTV solutions

Our bespoke CCTV solutions can be applied to a number or security and safety applications. Some of the most common scenarios are:-

Health & Safety

TVC Visual can help you use CCTV as a powerful tool to help prevent workplace accidents, comply with UK regulations and help improve safety practices.

Operations Management

Analyse and learn from the valuable data your workplace CCTV system provides, and make your business operations more productive and more efficient.

Site Security

Use an effective CCTV system or a solar-powered CCTV surveillance tower as an essential tool to protect your staff, your premises, your stock and machinery from unwanted visitors, vandalism and crime.

Office and Commercial Premises

CCTV is used widely for recording movement of staff, visitors and vehicles to commercial premises. We can help with specification, coverage and price for any size of installation. Camera systems can be viewed remotely, and integrated with with other security devices when required.

Vehicle Monitoring

CCTV is used to record the number and details of vehicles entering a site, and as an over-view for car-parks and storage areas.

Prevent Stock Shrinkage

In the Retail Trade, regretfully theft is as common as ever. CCTV is a proven deterrent against shoplifting and has achieved notable success in convictions of offenders. We have spent many years advising clients, and installing camera systems in retail premises. The cameras we currently fit are unobtrusive High Definition models, and recorders offer weeks of image storage.

Access Control

CCTV Cameras are installed in many applications where control of staff or visitors is needed. Systems can be integrated with other access control devices to monitor and record move of people.

Learn more about our Access Control solutions.

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