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Reduce theft and inventory shrinkage with our discreet CCTV camera systems designed for small to medium-sized shops and retail locations

We are specialists in installing high definition CCTV camera systems and access control solutions for shops and retail spaces of all sizes.

Reducing shoplifting, till theft, shrinkage etc. and providing a safe environment for customers and staff is probably among the top priorities of any retail business owner. But still many businesses suffer unnecessarily due to an insufficient or non-functioning CCTV system.

At TVC Visual, our friendly engineers are experts with decades of hands-on experience to help you achieve the most efficient and effective CCTV system for your shop.

Our indoor shop CCTV installations are:-

  • Tamper resistant
  • Perfectly positioned to provide optimum coverage
  • Capable of high resolution capture
  • Capable of extremely long recording times
  • Admissible as criminal evidence in many cases
  • Cloud storage compatible
  • Capable of full remote control and viewing via an app
  • Facial recognition compatible

While we recommend most CCTV cameras in your shop to be visible, acting as a strong deterrent, we can also provide unobtrusive or even completely hidden cameras for certain situations.

To learn more, please take a closer look at our CCTV Security solutions.

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