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Our CCTV security and access control systems provide security and peace-of-mind for offices and commercial sector buildings and infrastructure

We are specialists in the installation of CCTV monitoring and access control systems in medium to large office and commercial workplace areas. The unique security and access management challenges posed by these environments require a thorough planning and installation process, and we have over 25 years providing security solutions for these types of spaces.

Access control is particularly important in an office building with multiple departments, as it ensures that employees or visitors only access areas relevant to their roles or permissions. It tracks who enters and exits, providing an audit trail of access activity. We are able to integrate these systems with visitor management software, making it easier to track and manage visitors. This enhances the overall office security level by ensuring that visitors only access approved areas and are properly documented during their visit.

Our CCTV camera systems allow remote monitoring and management. This means security personnel or office management can keep an eye on the premises and make real-time decisions, even when off-site. Our monitoring solutions can also protect sensitive data and privacy. Access control helps restrict unauthorized personnel from accessing confidential information, while privacy regulations and ethical use of CCTV ensure that employee privacy is respected.

Our CCTV monitoring systems for offices can also be used to monitor workplace activities and ensure employees are following company policies and procedures. While this can be a sensitive issue, when applied responsibly it can help maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

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