Commercial CCTV Installation in Chichester and the south of England

TVC Visual are specialists in the latest CCTV Remote Viewing and Facial Recognition technologies, for home, office, commercial and industrial environments. Some of our recent clients include Stagecoach bus, Shoreham Port, Sunlight Services and Chichester Festival Theatre.

Commercial CCTV Installation in Chichester and the south of England

All about our CCTV solutions

CCTV Cameras are a proven deterrent against crime, vandalism, unwanted visitors and staff problems

Millions of businesses have the benefit of professional up-to-date CCTV systems. Statistics point to major reductions in crime where cameras are installed and CCTV is seen by many as the best deterrent. Properly installed and maintained CCTV systems can reduce crime by up to 90%.

Remember, CCTV is not just to record criminal activity, it can also be used to record details of specific areas of your business for the protection of personnel, transport movements and for Health and Safety.

Hi-Definition Recording

Gone are the days of the troublesome and low-resolution CCTV images! Digital Video Recorders allow many days of extremely high definition HD 1080p full-colour recording and offer instant playback.

Live Remote Viewing

CCTV recordings can be viewed or monitored over any broadband or 3G/4G internet connection. Live images or recordings from the system can be viewed from any location, including viewing on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer. Modern systems offer reviewing and downloads of recorded images.

Facial / Numberplate Recognition

Recent advances in facial and numberplate recognition technology have made CCTV adjusted to record this type of detail a very effective and reliable security tool and invaluable for police evidence, door entry control systems and car parks.

Multi Camera Systems

We can install as many as 32 cameras in one CCTV system, allowing comprehensive coverage of very large Construction Sites, Office Buildings, Factories, Freight Terminals and Bus Stations.

CCTV is changing!

At last High Definition cameras and recorders are available and now you can rely on image quality similar to your own TV at home.

We now guarantee affordable crystal clear image quality that the industry has only ever seen at the very top, and hugely expensive end of the market.

Upgrading from an existing Analogue recording system to the latest High Definition is simply a matter of changing the cameras and recorder. All cables, connectors and power supplies can be utilised in a new system. Our latest range of HD recorders will accept both analogue and High Definition cameras, allowing you to change cameras over a period of time to help with your budget plans.

Below is a guide to prices for upgrading to High Definition, based on using esisting cables and power supplies. Full HD CCTV recording system comprising HD Cameras, multi-channel recorder with 2TB hard drive and HDMI Monitor Screen, and all systems offer remote viewing.

4 Camera Systems

4 camera systems from £1250.00

8 Camera Systems

8 camera systems from £2995.00

16 Camera Systems

16 camera systems from 2955.00.00

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